GV Puma Mini S (Unit Only)


Product Description

The GV Puma Mini S is designed for flats, apartments, bungalows, maisonettes and other small properties or where space is limited. We suggest that central vacuums are place in a utilty cupboard or garage but it you are limited on space then these will easily fit inside a Kitchen cupboard with no problem. These units have a small yet powerful compact motor which is silent for convenience but with enough power to cover up to a maximum of 5 inlets.

Voltage: 230 volt
Power: 1400 W
Motor: Thru-Flow
Motor Turbines: 1
Air Flow: 215 m3/h
Waterlift: 2750 mm/H20
Furthest Inlet Valve: 20m, 4/5 Inlet Valves
Height: 490mm
Diameter: 310mm
Tank Capacity: 10L
Noise: 62 dB

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg